Responsibilities of Individual Intern volunteers


  • Attend all staff meetings if working in the Drop in centers or other KENWA designated office the day of the meeting.
  • To provide a monthly report detailing the duties performed to the Executive Director.
  • Intern must raise their own support (meals &accommodation) to help offset this non program expenses. This amount will be Dollars 200 per week. All funds will be paid through KENWA or as advised by the Executive Director. This fee will cover administrative costs while performing KENWA related work in country. This fee does not cover airfare to Kenya, meals & accommodation, personal items and souvenirs or other travels.
  • Fair Hotel accommodation in Kenya is about Dollars 200 – 300. If one wishes to stay with a family the fee is Dollars 150.
  • One must make full payment of the time he/she intends to be in Kenya
  • Payment of accommodation must be made at the earliest opportunity to ensure reservation of the same on side of KENWA.
  • Intern is responsible to pay for their own travel from home to Nairobi.
  • VISAs are can be applied from the airport on arrival at a fee of up to 50 USD.
  • It’s a must all interns to have a health insurance at least for the period they will work in KENWA.